From the economic to the social and ecological crisis: today’s world is in need of a fresh start – a reboot of life and society, where we take control and formulate an ambitious alternative. Control + Alt + Delete, before it is too late!


We are at the tipping point of a world in crisis. Economic disparity, social exclusion, political polarisation,… perhaps climate change being the most terrifying crisis of all. Time to take action.


We are not mere spectators, but actors who can play a proactive role. How do we go about this, and how do we inspire and motivate others to join/participate? How do we create a bigger sense of urgency and ensure a broad support with citizens and decision-makers?


The ultimate goal is a just and sustainable world for all and everyone. Instead of humans and their welfare, the earth and nature should be the foundation of our vision. But what is that vision for society? And what do we need to achieve it?


FUTURE PROOF is a festival organised by Broederlijk Delen and Oxfam-Wereldwinkels. You can discover sustainable solutions for the current economic, ecological and social challenges. A range of inspiring thinkers and do-ers will share their visions of the future. No naive daydreaming, but real dedication and positive alternatives.